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Old European City
Old European City
Julia Volk

It is also important to know why people value your heritage so that you can make sensitive and appropriate decisions about how to look after it in the future. This is especially important when you are thinking about writing or documenting a project that will change your heritage in some way, as understanding it better will help you identify the potential for finding creative solutions and avoiding harmful impacts. You might also uncover new information and insights or bring fresh and exciting new perspectives to your understanding of your heritage. You might also encounter new people who value your heritage and might be willing to help you to care for it in the future.


Old Stone
Old Stone
Julia Volk

As a journalist and documentary filmmaker you are trying to best to understand your heritage as well as that of others. Your task is to unravel the heritage in either your immediate neighborhood and or your town or village. To understand your heritage it may help you to consider these three questions: Question one: what is it? Question two: why does it matter? Question three: who does it matter to? Sharing your understanding - having gathered information about your heritage, the next step is to collate your findings into a document and a video (you can see the quest on how to make films to understand how to do this) that you can share with other people.


Read through all the attached documents and watch the video on how you can undertake research of your local area. Attached also is a document on how you can create your own heritage trail. For this task you will need to gather as much information as possible in order to make your video and share with others. There are three questions you are required to investigate, further breakdown of these questions are provided in the Resources section in a document titled 'Process'. Follow the instructions in that document and you should be able to learn more about your own heritage and also able to put a short documentary together that can be shared with others.



For many people the initial connection with heritage arises when they enjoy a visit to a historic place or experience a historic object or collection. Enjoyment leads to a desire to understand the heritage better. Once they understand it better they begin to value it. When people start to value their heritage this creates the possibility that they might be persuaded to take a role in caring for it. It is therefore clear that understanding our heritage is a critical step in the process of helping people to fully engage with it.


Learning Objectives

  • Learners will reflect upon local communities and develop a heritage trails. The learners will go through step by step process of devising a community heritage site of their neighbourhood.

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