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yellow power plant
yellow power plant
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Industrial and cultural heritage sites that have been reused and repurposed within cities some like castle vale in Birmingham the former RAF Castle Bromwich site are now housing estates some former industrial plants and buildings are today industrial monuments or Museums.

They are now placing we people either live or are places to learn or in some cases they are both communities with homes and iconic buildings to visit.

The aim of this quest is to provide learners with access to industrial history and industrial culture and to connect them with the post-industrial landscape. In terms of reusing industrial sites.

With the links to the post-industrial heritage, you can become more familiar with the topic and more aware of places of industrial culture in your area.


Big empty room in an old factory
Big empty room in an old factory
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Work together on your own or in a group and research and document information about a place of industrial heritage that has been reused in some way take some photos of the site and research how it used to look and compare the past to the present

Create a presentation which could be uploaded online to create a virtual exhibition.

Thank about the following:

  • How the industrial site changed?
  • What did the site one look like?
  • What does it look like today?
  • Describe what remains of the original site? Are there any notable landmarks still?
  • Why is this place important?


The task can be completed on your own or working in a group session.

Firstly, use you local library or the internet and research local heritage sites you might like to visit.

If working in a group get together and discuss your findings, your thoughts and ideas on why this would be a good place to visit for the task, agree what you will be doing and divide the tasks up between yourselves. Capture your visit using film and photographs which can be easily uploaded on to the internet.

The internet is a good tool to learn about learn about the history and the cultural importance of a industrial site. Along with the internet local libraries archives and people themselves are a good source knowledge and information about heritage sites and there importance locally.

Use the research results to write your findings and presentation on the evolution of this place to a place of post-industrial heritage and also use the documents to convey your findings in a small presentation or exhibition.



Understanding how industrial sites have been reused and there historical context can be interesting the community and city you live in are often unaware of the industrial heritage it possess or the part it has played in history Creating resources that can be displayed in your local library or community centre, can be a good way of promoting your own community heritage further promoting and preserving the testimony of the lifestyle and economic development of where you live.


Learning Objectives

  • You will get a good understanding of how industrial sites have been reused and industrial heritage from the 18th century onwards and how communities have been influenced by industrial sites where you live.
  • An awareness is created of where we live has been influenced by historical industrial sites in our communities where we live
  • An understanding of the relationship between industry and community from a industrial heritage perspective. And how they influenced social, cultural and political life in the communities we live in.

Knowledge Acquired

  • you have a good general knowledge of the history of your community and its industrial culture as well as its specific knowledge of key technologies that play a major role in local economic history
  • You are also acquainted with the history of some selected industries whose former sites are made visible as sites of cultural heritage

Skills Acquired

  • You are able to pass on your knowledge to those who are interested.

Competences Acquired

  • You are able to compare the existing conditions of your own region with the situation of other regions.



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