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Old Lantern
Old Lantern
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 It is important to understand entrepreneurship in terms of Heritage. This will help show how the great industrial entrepreneurs of the past have influenced the present and the future.
It is important when thinking about your quest and find out about heritage, that it will also change your perspective of heritage in some way.
During your project you might uncover new facts or information or insights that bring exciting perspective to your understanding of the past.
You may also meet new people who have a different perspective of heritage and will help shape your views of the heritage and its place in modern day society.


Old Books and globe in Libaray
Old Books and globe in Libaray
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As a curator you are trying to best to understand entrepreneurs in terms of industrial heritage, your task is to research in your neighbourhood or city artifacts you can curate and catalogue in a museum you can take photos of these artifacts to help this task. To understand the importance of these artifacts you may wish to consider the following: what is the artifact. why is it important to where I live? Why is important in the context of heritage.

The next step is record your findings into document with photos or videos if you want once you have done this you can share this with other people.


Read through the attached information on how you would curate information for a museum working in a group or on your own. Attached is information on how you would curate artifacts in a museum for the task you will need to research and gain as much information as possible that could be used in a museum on a industrial entrepreneur and there impact on where you live.

There are some questions you are required to investigate this is , a further breakdown of this is in the resource section titled tasks follow the questions and you should learn about collating information on an industrial entrepreneur



For many people heritage is a thing of the past which has little bearing on how they live today so when they connect with Heritage it becomes a thing of enjoyment and a way to understand how the past and present connect.

The enjoyment leads to wanting to know more about   the heritage of where they live there are some good examples of heritage past and present including the world heritage site of St Fagan’s in Cardiff.

Having a new found enjoyment or passion might want to lead you to volunteering somewhere supporting heritage, creating information and collections that help people understand our heritage helps people fully engage with it.


Learning Objectives

  • • Learners will reflect upon artifacts in local communities and how to develop and curate collections . The learners will go through step by step process of devising a community collection that could be based in there their neighborhood.

Knowledge Acquired

  • Knowledge about heritage in the place or city I live.

Skills Acquired

  • The participant will have learned the skills to create a community collection in a local facility

Competences Acquired

  • The participant will be more competent through completing this quest in researching and cataloguing in formation for a community