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With the advent of the digital era, it is very easy to find visual materials: the Internet overflowed with billions of photos from the first age of photography to present days. 

A photo is not a simple snapshot showing  characters, landscapes, events...Indeed, you can go beyond this simple image and feel what this photo evokes: a major historical event, despair, hope, human madness or kindness. Two people smiling may not mean that they are happy.

Observing and analysing historical photographs is also essential to avoid making the same mistakes as in the past. Stuck in the era of fake news It is also essential to learn basics in photography to better eliminate the fake ones. This is why it is crucial to know how to perform online searches and learn how to find relevant and reliable information on the Internet.



Photo by History in HD on Unsplash
Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

The purpose of this task is to make participants use critical thinking through the exploration of a historical photograph.

This task can be completed individually or in groups.

  • Observe carefully the photo provided of the astronout during 5 minutes
  • If the activity is performed individually, the participant thinks about the photo and writes down his/her reflections. In the case where the activity is performed in groups, a discussion/brainstorming is initiated within each group and one participant is designated for writing down all the group thoughts.




You should work in groups of three or four for this task (but it also be performed individually)

1. Before you start, discuss your first impression of the historical photograph provided.

2. Then, write down your thoughts on this photograph and put them aside for the moment.

3. Make an online research to get some general information to answer these questions

a. To which famous event this photograph is related and what was the context at this time

b. Give an impression of what people were feeling at that time

c. Try to imagine what is going on in the astronaut's mind

5. Create a presentation covering these questions



Upon the completion of this module the learners will be able to work with visual media, be aware of visual concepts and know how to perform online searches to find relevant and reliable information. The activity with the historical photograph increases the learner’s team working and communication skills by presenting skills by researching the internet and summarising information from different sources. Creativity and critical thinking are also enhanced through this module.


Learning Objectives

  • ● To make meaning from historical photographs.
  • ● Use critical skills to exploration, critique and reflection what is seen with the eye and what is seen with the mind

Knowledge Acquired

  • ● Apply critical thinking in photograph analysis
  • ● Understand the meaning of a photograph
  • ● Demonstrate creativity
  • ● Select relevant and reliable information

Skills Acquired

  • ● Develop communication skills
  • ● Develop critical skills
  • ● Develop team working skills
  • ● Develop IT skills

Competences Acquired

  • ● Organise your thinking to interpret an image
  • ● Tell stories from a visual media
  • ● Discuss with peers to draw observations from a media