Tyler Casey


Lucas Van Oort


For this quest you will have to watch the short video included under the Resources ‘video’ section titled: ‘Video Interviews’. Once you have watched the video, you are encouraged to undertake your own video interviews. The resources section has other useful information which you should read and see before you start your exercise. Remember to follow the following 8 tips in order to create your video interview:

Tip 1: Create an outline

Tip 2: Write a series of questions

Tip 3: Find a good location

Tip 4: Use 2 cameras (if possible)

Tip 5: Have the subject look right at you

Tip 6: Ask the subject to repeat the question before answer

Tip 7: Always look at the subject when they are talking

Tip 8: Always shoot, don’t turn off the camera




Learning Outcomes

Knowledge acquired

Skills acquired

Competences acquired