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Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez

Some of the most commonly used smart devices are smartphones, tablets, phablets, smartwatches, smart glasses and other personal electronics include a high quality camera for taking photos  and making videos. As a young journalist it would be important for you to understand how to effectively use smart devices to make videos and do interviews using your phone and tablet. This quest will help you learn the basics of video making on your smart device.



You are training to be a journalist and documentary film maker exploring the industrial heritage of your local area. Use your smart device to make a short video of no longer than 3 or 4 mins in order to learn the basics of gathering film. Using the links, documents and videos provided in the resource section and follow the Process section to help you make a enhanced documentary film. Film the industrial heritage around you in all materials, shapes and forms - street lighting, road and street signs, man-hole covers electricity pylons.


You are first encouraged to watch the video ‘Filming using mobile phone/tablet for beginners’ this will provide step by step instructions on how to use your phone or tablet to make your film. Some reading materials are also included in the resources section which will provide you with some in depth tips on how to make videos.

Go to the resource section and read the process document, this will provide you with a clear summary of the steps you need to follow in order to make your short documentary film.



Filmmaking with Smartphones is a tricky business but with a little knowledge and good practice you can achieve impressive results. After all, the camera on a Smartphone, mostly, is no different from any other camera. It is important to learn the fundamentals of basic photography and filmmaking to achieve a quality video. With a little practice these principles will become second nature and you will do them as a matter of course. Happy filmmaking!


Learning Objectives

  • Learners will use digital tools to create simple narrative games/ Interactive Fiction/ Adventure exploration games.

Knowledge Acquired

  • learn to gather information from a variety of sources digital sources e.g. using audio and video devices and researching the Internet to capture memories and to store and present their findings in various forms

Skills Acquired

  • Digital film editing
  • Digital Heritage

Competences Acquired

  • • Using a smart device to record simple documentary evidence
  • • Problem solving