The Project

Virtual Spitfire aims to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences, targeting low skilled adults living in post-industrial areas. It will also focus on upskilling adult educators in the use of Virtual Reality in the educational process. This will be carried out by utilising the interest and local knowledge of the people and environments of post- industrial landscapes. We will encourage the often deep interest for the local area by using the context of old industrial factories, mines, harbours, agricultural production centres that once stood at the centre of local communities. The industries may have disappeared or experienced technological change such as automation leading to loss of employment.

The Partnership is composed of 5 partners from 4 countries; UK, Sweden, France and Greece all working with adult education in socially deprived areas of post industrial decline.


  • Methodological Handbook: Methodological framework on using Virtual Reality as a part of a blended media approach for raising the key competence skills of adults.
  • VR Spitfire Manufacturing: Immersive 3D VR simulation of the manufacturing of the Spitfire Airplane to engage the community in local heritage.
  • CPD Training Course Curriculum: Course curriculum for adult educators to develop learners’ key competences by utilising local knowledge, interest and engagement in post-industrial landscapes of their own community.
  • Spitfire Quests: Scenario-based eLearning and Learning Outcome Matrix to develop key competences in adults in a context of using local industrial heritage.